About Us


We are the union of farmers with primary objective to save the collapsing agricultural sector of our India. We are the representative of the suffering lives of farmers. We understand the people who don’t want to buy the toxic vegetables and fruits by paying high price. Through the humble effort of Seedhe Khet Se, We are trying to make sure that you will get pure fresh & non-toxic vegetables and fruits directly from the Farmers Fields.

Today all our farms, spread across close to Hundred acres, boast of many local and exotic varieties of vegetables and greens, grown using world-class techniques and chemical-free inputs. Since they are all grown in our farms (as against purchased in markets or unknown sources) we are able to maintain high standards of uniformity & consistency in taste, colour, texture and finish.


We aim towards to help farmers to sell and bring their naturally grown fresh produce directly to residents to keep their health healthy. Apart from customer satisfaction, we enable farmers to earn 100% more income and provide best quality farm produce to the residents at the most affordable cost.


We believe in growth with vision to offer our best quality products and services to our consumers and build up their relations with farmers. Our Objective is

- Doubting the Farmer Income

- Providing fresh Produce to the resident

Fast 3 hr delivery

Freshly picked and delivered

Easy to order